Are you thinking of converting your favorite CDs into MP3?Have you been searching for such a powerful tool?

Which powerful playlist generator and media file manager? Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, or that an unwanted song is never played. On a network itcan remote control the media player on a different computer. Playlists can be created automatically or manually, and saved for later retrieval. Powerful file management tools can rename or move song files and entire directories. A global search and replace operation can be performed

Sound Recorder enables you to record sound which played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone, VCR, Audio tape player etc. Captured sound can be saved as WAV, MP3 format, using real-time conversion.
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The sound recorder program is designed to work directly with your sound card, so it can record almost all audio from your sound card at near-perfect quality. So, you can record sound from a microphone, line-in, and just about any other programs (like winamp, realplay, windows media player).

Direct to disk ability allows you to record sound without running out of memory as long as there's enough disk space.It can also record directly to mp3 format if you choose, saving you valuable disk space. You could select the different mp3 recording modes as needed.

You can control the playback rate as you want even during playbacks. You don't have to go press play and stop buttons repeatedly to change the playback rate.

For materials that are difficult to understand due to the fast pace such as news programs, you can slow down video as well as audio. It will help you enhance your listening proficiency and gather the information that you need.
For example, when you watch a CD movie with my-speed player pro, it will be just like asking the actors to slow their speeches down so that you can fully understand what they are saying. Gradually, you can control the pace back to the original speed. You can also use the replay function to review parts you didn't understand.

For audio, it can play most of standard audio files such as wav and mp3, not to mention sp1 files (including the existing msp and ela files) provided by for free. Especially, it instantly decodes mp3 files as it plays them. You can connect your radio, cassette recorder or TV to your PC using a connection jack, or use a microphone to record other sources. You can also listen to the sources that you recorded at the speed you want.

To move music collection from all kinds of sources to CD-R. It has the ability to gather files from all around and reorganize those files into something which resembles an ordered list of albums (where an album means `anything organized in directories, excluding subdirectories'). It will collate identically-named directories from several sources into one `album', so you can spread your source files all over the system and/or network. As long as you tell were to find those files, and as long as the access path to those files is fast enough to allow for on-the-fly CD-recording at your preferred speed, will be able to work with your files.


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